About us

Amihome Decorations Store is a specialist in rugs and carpets, provide a wide range of design and sizes. We are inspired by the idea of making a new way to decorate living area. We found that every space in your room may need a rugs to cover your floor and refresh your eyes, help you enjoy your private life in your own home.

Our goal is to bring a stylish and well designed rugs in reasonable cost, so that every customer can enjoy the freshness and is able to choose various type of rugs to fit with each favorite of family’s member, keep catching up with new trend and create a cozy space when seasons come.

We are aiming to become a trust-worthy rugs specialist when customer thinks about buy new rugs for their home.

A rug is the first impression of your guest when entering your living space. A colorful and well designed rug is very important to tell your guest about your favorite, your life style an characteristic.

Stylish rugs bring out the atmosphere of seasons, and especially in holidays such as Christmas, New Year or your anniversaries. Now you are free to choice any rugs with reasonable price and easy to order from our store as a maker. We only sell on the website and do not have a physical store. The address on the website is only our warehouse in the US.